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I'm a working mom of two who lives in Chicago with my husband, Doug, our kiddos, and our HUGE cat, Little Jerry.  I'm a lover of crafting, DIY birthday parties and cakes, decorating my house, taking my kids to the zoo, and getting take out!  Oh yeah- add in coffee, Pinterest and Instagram!

I've had a craft box under my bed since high school, was rearranging the furniture since grade school (sometimes at night when my dad was sleeping), and with the support of my pals, Megan and jenny, have been trying to make this house cute!  I've known these two since high school and although we live miles apart (okay - only 50), we are still best of friends.

Although we all have our different styles and strengths, one thing is certain... we love a clean house, can do it ourselves, have a vision (think champagne taste on beer budget), and get it done!  I hope you can find some inspirations from one of us and enjoyed stopping by!

Places you can find me:
Home - tending to the kids
Salvation Army Thrift Store (Lincoln Park and/or Morton Grove)
Home Depot
Michael's or Jo-Ann's
The Grind in Lincoln Square 
Rockwell's in Ravenswood Manor 
McDonald's Drive Thru - yeah, I said it!
Whole Foods in Sauganash (only on payday)
The Dailey Method in Bucktown
Indiana - to see the girls!
ReBuilder Exchange on Webster - once a week to snoop around
Mondays - watching The Biggest Loser
Tuesdays - watching Parenthood 
June (weekend after father's day) - In Michigan with my girls!
on Trulia - looking at houses because I am obsessed
on Instagram looking at pretty things
on Blogs looking for inspiration
Hiding in the basement hoping my daughter will eventually fall asleep....

Things I am not fond of:
crumbs on the floor (impossible with children - I know)
touching a wet shower curtain (go ahead... try it)
creases on my stomach when my pants get too tight
Chicago Public School system (unless my kids gets in on the lottery)

List to be continued...

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